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The “how to drive” team truly believes that all accidents are predictable and preventable. Many of us have lost or know someone who has lost a family member or friend in a car related incident. Almost all drivers have been or will be in a collision in their lifetime, so why is it that some drivers never crash? It takes specific driving techniques that average drivers have simply never learned. We can help you teach your new driver these techniques so you can start them out right. Together we can make our roads a safer place to drive!

Available Programs

These innovative "how to drive" New Driver Coach programs provide the tools you need to be an effective co-driver when helping someone learn to drive. Whether you are teaching them yourself or in co-operation with a driving school, this program will make your driving lessons safer.


Level 1: Getting Started - The Basics

This is the foundation of safe driving for both the new driver and the new driver coach. In this program essential skills will be learned and taught, for example; proper braking techniques, smooth right and left turns using hand over hand steering for the new driver, taking control of the vehicle and seeing it all for the new driver coach.


Level 2: City Driving

State-of-the-art techniques that will help you coach your new driver to avoid collisions, make left turns at large intersections safer, rear crashes avoidable and spot problems before they happen.


Level 3: How to Pass Your Road Test

This program will give you the confidence to pass the road test on your first try! You will learn what an examiner expects you to do throughout your test and help you develop proper seeing habits. This should improve your chance of passing your test and help keep you out of collisions.


What You and Your New Driver Get:

The complete “how to drive” New Driver Coach Program;

  • Many elements from the Collisionfree!™ driving method which will provide the information necessary to teach your new driver modern defensive driving techniques
  • Extensive Videos of basic driving skills and techniques such as, how to park, three point turns, hand over hand steering plus videos and animations of Collisionfree!™ Driving
  • Interactive Exercises that explain the rules of driving
  • Mobile Access
  • iPad/Tablet Compatible
  • Repeat training as needed

Buy all 3 courses for the price of 2!

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